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Expanded Insight Metrics

September 30, 2022 - We made several improvements to the insight page. We organized the metrics into digestible slices.

  • Insights - Provide high-level yearly metrics such as losses by year, YTD losses by method, etc.

  • Monthly Insights - Breakdowns losses into monthly display along with other categories.

  • Rollups by Year - Still under development.

  • Auditor Analytics - Provides specific metrics on auditors of smart contracts and related losses and incident counts.

  • KYC Analytics - Similar to auditors but focuses on KYC metrics

  • Rug Pull Analytics - Still under development.

  • Token Analytics - Still under development.

  • Bug Bounty - Metrics around bug bounties such as mostly paid whitehat, distribution of paid bounties by chain/entity, etc.

Sample displays are shown below. Keep in mind that unlike most web3 incident reporting from security companies, our data is live as reported in our database.

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