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Incident Near-Misses

September 12, 2022. We have started to incorporate near-misses from public sources and reported by site members sinto the web3rekt repository. Accordingly, incident count will also include any verified near-misses. The intuition is that the incident counts including near-misses can be an indicator to the entity's risk posture.

We added a filter to the search to enable filtering between verified, unverified and near-miss statuses for incident records. By default, only verified records will be queried.

Near-miss incidents will have a status indicator of Near-Miss. A new field, Rewards, has been added to captured the bounty paid for the near-miss to the whitehat. A criticality indicator has also been added next to the Rewards field to highlight the classification of the bug as defined by the respective bounty program. We also added a Rewards method to properly categorize the details related to the near-miss.

We also updated the Insights page to include a new graphical metric specific to bug bounties.

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