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Web3rekt Adds Data API

October 11, 2022 - Web3rekt has implemented a data API to pull web3 incident details allowing users to query general incident information about incidents between two dates. These information can then be utilized for any blockchain research or incorporate into blockchain forensic tools and services.

Just a short note of caution that this is a new development thus additional attributes may be added or removed at any time. Please feel free to use it and give us your feedback!

There are two endpoints depending on the desired use cases:

  1. In the basic version, the user pays nothing to query the data.

  2. In the pro version, the subscriber pays a monthly fee for this access. Please contact us for additional details.

Endpoint API for basic version is at

Endpoint API for pro version is at

Parameters for the endpoint usage are as follows:

  • Authenticated or pro version of web3rekt data API utilizes HTTPS connection, or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTP connection for pro version is not supported.

  • startddate - Is the query start date and utilizes the incident report date as the key lookup date.

  • enddate - Is the query end date. It must be at least one day greater than the start date. Utilizes the incident report date as the key lookup date.

  • limit - Limits the number of items returned for the response between the dates. By default, it is limited to 20 per call.

An example of a usage is provided below.

URL: (basic version)

Method: Get

Authentication: Requires authentication key for pro version. Not required for basic version.

Usage Example:


The image below highlights the same query from above but utilizing the professional version of the API:

Attribution data such as attacker, attack contract, deployer and other attributes are available in this version. We are exploring the addition of other attributes from our database to the API.

The usage of the API endpoints provided by web3rekt follows the terms and conditions defined for the website.

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