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June 1, 2022. The goal of is to provide a public repository of Web3 security incidents dedicated to the education and awareness of the various blockchain incidents and scams. The web3rekt database serves to assist blockchain participants with accurate resources and analyses to understand the risks with cryptocurrencies and the various blockchain projects. The thesis is that the greater the awareness about the challenges of web3 for the users, the more secure web3 solutions can be designed.

There is no cost to be a members of our site. You must be a member to utilize the site services such as performing queries against our database. was created out of necessity. Tuan Phan, a cybersecurity engineer and an early blockchain enthusiast, circa 2015, wanted to understand more about the different incidents related to web3 projects and tokens. He approached some leading blockchain forensic companies asking them if they would publicly share these incidents in format that can be studied without much success. And so the magic happens, and Tuan collected and build the data set and made that available to the Web3 community. In the beginning, the project was supported by Zero Friction LLC, however, has since migrated to its own site and as it own legal entity.

Here we are nearly a year later, the data set is mostly there. we are helped along the way with great feedbacks from users, and members of WSBA.

We will be creating more content supporting web3 incident and scam awareness going forward. Stay tuned!

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