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Open Access to Web3rekt for Non-Members

September 20, 2022 - We made some changes in how we grant access to the site over the last week. Going forward, the site will adhere to an open access philosophy, where you can still get to see the details of the incidents without having to register and log on as a site member.

However, there are several key advantages to being a site member:

  • As you view and learn about the different incidents, you increase your rank as a site member.

  • Get recognized for your contribution to the web3rekt database.

  • Require to submit a report.

  • Require to verify a submission from another member.

  • Obtain long-term rewards as web3rekt builds out its platform.

If you are not logged in, there will be a login modal window display over the main window that may obscure the viewing data. The modal window can be closed or ignored by simply selecting the main window.

If you are not already a member, you can also sign up as a new member using the same modal window.

Once you have logged in, you do not need to log back in and the modal window will automatically remove.

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